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Growth Strategies

Five Ways to Grow

Business growth can come through a wide variety of methods.  Many people are content to increase the business simply by doing more volume in a single location.


Franchising is a great way to build a business – start with a model that works and sell the right to copy your proven business ie. McDonalds, Cold Stone Creamery, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and others

Multiple Location Growth

Again, start with a successful model and open additional locations.  ie. Sam Walton technique for growing Walmart

Roll-up / Consolidation

Build or acquire a great model – Make acquisitions to build a larger enterprise.  ie. Wayne Huizenga with Waste Management, Blockbuster Video and Republic Industries (Auto-Nation.)

Public Stock Offering

A public stock offering can provide money for any of the growth options.

Reverse Merger

A reverse merger with an under-performing public company or a blank-check shell can provide the same advantages of going public – It is faster and less expensive to accomplish.

Tell Your Story

Become a published author

Writing a book can make you  the go-to authority for your industry.  In addition as a published author you can become an in-demand guest speaker for local clubs and associations.

Radio and TV talk show appearances can provide many thousands of dollars in free advertising for your business.

Video Marketing

Learn how to create videos to post on YouTube and other social media outlets

Financial Wellness Report

Discover the secrets hidden in your financial reports.  Use them to prevent over spending, preparation for a loan application or research to determine the pros and cons of an expansion campaign.

tell your story

Premium Exit Strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions

Learn how to sell your business for a premium.  Focus on the right buyer group can provide a premium (double or more) price for your business when it is time to sell.

It is essential to learn the difference between strategic, financial or opportunistic buyer groups.  Determine which type buyer is best for your company and design your offering memorandum for that specific buyer type for optimum results.


Areas Of Expertise

Financial Wellness Report

Our financial wellness report will help you understand the health of your business. Prepare for making an application for financing (see how the lender will view your company.)

Market Analysis

Discover how prospective purchasers will value your business. Get the facts before you decide if this is the right time to sell.

Branding Strategy - Tell Your Story

Let us help you write the book your customers will base their purchase decisions on. Learn how a published book will help you get thousands in free advertising

Video Marketing

Boost your sales with video marketing. Ask about our "Edumercial" it will tell your story without sounding like the typical "sales-pitch."

Growth Strategy

We can help your business grow sustainably with five different growth strategies. Find your way to the top like the best entrepreneurs of our century.

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