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A person who provides expert advice professionally.

Real Hope Business Consulting -
Providing hope and help for entrepreneurs!

Watch the Video to Learn how you can earn an above average income helping other people excel

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Solve your financial problems
helping business owners.

Sell growth and exit strategies

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Help Other People Excel

Four Key Product Offerings Growth and Exit Strategies

Products and services desperately needed by business owners today.  You can begin with “rescue” techniques, move to growth strategies and finally assist the owner with an exit strategy for a premium selling price.  Your client has put in the blood, sweat, and tears – you can make it all worth it!

We Can Do The Work For You (Your cost below) You Charge the Market Rate.

Financial Wellness Report Cover
$ 395
  • Understand Your Numbers
  • Find Excess Espenses
  • Spot trends
  • Make management decisions
$ 995
  • Video Sales Presentation
  • Explain Your business
  • Promote Products
  • Leave competitors in the dust
tell your story
$ 1495
  • Write Your Book
  • Speaking engagements
  • Become a Celebrity
  • Grow Your Business
Offering Memorandum
$ 3795
  • Get a Premium Price
  • Show Business Data
  • Promote strengths
  • Show weakness as Opportunity

Our Closest Competitors are Business Brokers (Business Sale Only)

The two greatest unsolved problems in the Business Brokerage Industry are:
1. How to market confidentially.
2. Providing income particularly during the start-up period of three to six months.

Real Hope Business Consulting solves both in addition to obtaining a premium price for the seller with our propietary marketing methodolgy!

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$ 11,995
  • No Royalty Fees
  • Up Front Income Source
  • Recurring Client Projects
  • Premium Price for Client
Business Brokerage # A
$ 35 K
  • 4% Royalty Fees
  • Up to $104K Initial Investment
  • No Other Consulting Services
  • Typical Multiple of Net
Business Brokerage # B
$ 49 K
  • 8% Royalty Fees
  • Advertising Fees
  • No Other Income Sources
  • Typical Multiple of Net
Business Brokerage # C
$ 55 K
  • 10% Royalty Fees
  • More than$120K Inital Investment
  • No Other Services
  • Typical Multiple of Net
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